Versatile TOI Restaurant & Hotels Pvt. LTD.

Versatile TOI Restaurant & Hotels Pvt. LTD.

This is a company having a hotel & Restaurant Business. The project is planned to have branches (units) globally. Every unit will be given a franchise by paying Rs: 1 Cr. (Rupees one crore) presently. This Franchisee amount may be changed according to the location and city and country can be earned.

A company will employ staff with a monthly salary ranging from Rs; 20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand only) to Rs: 40,000/- (Rupees Forty thousand only) as under.

Class 1 grade Rs: 35,000/- PM

Class 2 grade Rs: 30,000/- PM

Class 3 grade Rs: 25,000/- PM

Class 4 grade Rs: 20,000/- PM

Senior Executive will be eligible  for 40,000/- PM.

A company will appoint and pay salary even franchisee. All member and sales are carried out by Company. And all staff and office and fillings and furniture will be owned by a company.

Franchisee: A Franchisee will be changed and that can be changed as per the locality and grade of the Restaurant.

Franchisee Income: Franchisee will be paid and Income is equivalent to 10% of the daily collection.

The company expects a daily collection between Rs 1 Lacs to 3 Lacs. That is franchisee will get an income of Rs. 3 Lacs to 9 Lacs per month.

Recruitment: All staff will be from South India and are all permanent Employees of the Company. All staff are transferable Internationally and the salary will be as per the conditions where the restaurant & Hotels are situated.

Restaurant Menu: The Menu of the Restaurant will be that of South Indian, Gujarati and North Indian dishes.

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