Pravassi NSS is an organisation formed by retired Nairs from All India Service and Abroad to empowerment of Nairs.

Nairs are financially weak and educationally and physically strong with history before every family by which every Nair can be proud of.

Nairs are a minority community of Kerala traditionally Landlords ….. of time most of Nairs find themselves face differently in the financial and social sectors.

Pravassi NSS is created to empowerment of Nairs in financial and social security. The aim is –

1 To give Best Education to Children.

2 Issue Scholarship to the needy.

3 Financial support to Business, Small Business, Agriculture and for marriage of children.

4 Arrange excellent employment opportunities to Nair candidates.

5 Community Centers for development of schemes to generate Financial support.

6 To promote small scale financial limits to generate life support to Nairs.

7 Promote Arts and Culture.

8 To open Educational and financial units throughout India.

9 To keep and protect Nairs from the harshness and non cooperation of other communities.

10 To develop Nairs into a strong and powerful Community.